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In-depth review of by Halfdeck August 15, 2005

Guinivere at Ron Harris Studio

Ron Harris Studio is the official site of Ron Harris, a renown photographer / director / producer crowned by Hugh Hefner as "The King of Erotica."
Ron began his career in the fashion industry before moving into the adult business, and this fact explains why some of his gigantic 1333x2000 images are vaguely reminiscent of fashion magazines like Glamour, Elle, or Vogue. Ron's site contains a sizable collection of his unconventional photo and video works featuring a selection of young girls posing nude, masturbating, spreading their pussy, sucking dildos, inserting toys into their pussies, pissing, and engaging in girl+girl heat. Ron Harris Studio also offers high-rez DVD quality masturbation videos that play 3MB/second and are without any DRM protection. The videos are quite different from his images, in that they are simply a raw "reality porn" footage of his shoots, allowing you to experience what it's like to photograph and videotape beautiful naked women. It's also worth noting that a membership to Ron Harris Studio will also give you access to its sister site, Harris Archives, which caters to those who prefer strictly soft core material.

Ron Harris Studio Under the Hood

The Girls of Ron Harris Studio

You'll find many familiar faces at Ron Harris Studio. Sandra Shine appears in at least 9 photo shoots (300 MB total) and 6 DVD masturbation videos. If you're a fan of Sandra, then you will discover her all over again at Ron Harris Studio in some of the best images of her I've personally ever seen. At least 1.2 GB worth of exclusive Sandra Shine videos at 640x480 resolution is a dream-come-true for any die-hard fan. Ron also came out this month with a brand new girl+girl video featuring Sandra Shine and his other hot model, Carli. The video is quickly gaining ground as the site's most downloaded clip, and better yet, Ron Harris has promised even more girl+girl content before the coming of June.

Penny Flame, Gwen Summers, Jesse Capelli, Kelle Marie, Tanya James, Swan, Tiffany Rocks, Tracy Ryan, Stephanie Swift are some of the other easily recognizable names at Ron Harris. Also I shouldn't fail to mention Shawnie Jones, who has a few mind-blowing photo sets of her own.

This is not to say you won't find any "amateur" women at Ron Harris Studio, though Ron Harris does have high standards when choosing his models. First, they must be between ages 18-23 years old. To prove it, every model's biography page is accompanied by an image of her drivers licence, which clearly shows her date of birth. Second, the models must not had any breasts enhanced by plastic surgery. Third, the girls must be able to have fun and be spontaneous during the photo sessions. Fourth, every girl must be willing to have a real orgasm on film. If the girl does not come at the end of the video shoot, the footage is discarded. To see a comprehensive list of models that made the cut, see Glamour Model Teens at Ron Harris studio.

Sandra Shine at Ron Harris StudioPhotography

Ron Harris captures his gorgeous models using a Canon D20 digital camera and a Metz flash enhanced by slight re-touching and delivers them in a large 1333x2000 frame, resulting in extraordinary images that simultaneously look as if the models are right there in front of you, looking into your eyes.

Ron's models always wear some make up, usually enhancing their facial features, although in a few cases it can look a bit overdone. Ron Harris hatches all his photography work at his home in Malibu, California, but you may never guess that from looking at his often jawdropping images that seem to have come from another world.

The photos are available in three sizes, 800x600, 1200x800, and 1333x2000 and can be downloaded in a ZIP file. The photos at maximum resolution are usually very focused and detailed. Some images of a beautiful model's nipples in close up look amazingly real. In closeup pussy shots, you can clearly see the texture of skin and stubble of hair around their vaginal lips. A close up of Tanya James' hand, for example, you can see the vein on her hands and her finger prints even. It's by visiting Ron Harris Studio that I first realized Sanda Shine has really cute freckles.

Videos inside Ron Harris Studio

There are various types of videos available as a Ron Harris Studio subscriber, including an archive of Ron Harris' past works (Shocking Pink, Secret Casting Videos, and other archived vids), to the recent masturbation DVD downloads. There are some hot videos in the archives, including a lesbian threesome featuring Tracy Ryan, one of my favorite B movie stars of all time. Ron Harris' masturbation videos are best considred as "reality" episodes, in the sense that the complete video is shot by Ron Harris using a handheld video camera with almost no editing involved, and the action involves Ron Harris working with the models, asking them to look into the camera, play with their pussy, or piss in the shower. The purpose of the videos is to lets you in on what it's like to be a pornographer. You can see a list of videos at Ron Harris on this page .

As with his photographs, Ron Harris likes close-ups of the models' face, lips and pussy when he videotapes them. He always asks the models to keep their eyes open, as he finds girls usually closes their eyes when they're having sex. He also occassionally reminds the girls to look at the camera, for a sensual POV effect.

The quality of the masturbation videos are up there -at 640x480, 3mb/s CBR with a silky-smooth frate rate. The video filesize varies from 35 MB up to over 750 MB. Download speed is average, at around 150kb/s for me on DSL. The videos cannot be viewed via progressive download, so unfortunately you'll have to wait for the entire file to download before you can see the video. None of the videos are DRM protected. For a closer look at Ron Harris Studio's movie quality, see the Ron Harris Studio: Video Resolution and Bitrate page.

Ron Harris Studio Glamour Model Teens Gallery IndexGripes

Ron Harris delivers a load of exclusive, high-quality content. Still, there are a few things that sometimes get in the way of enjoy his site.

First, the web site suffers from several design issues. For instance, some of the slideshows are out of sequence. In some cases, the forward and back buttons for a slideshows are accidentally reversed. Not all galleries are marked as having a slideshow available, so you'll have to do some trial and error. Because of all this, you'll most likely end up resorting to downloading the ZIPs instead of browsing the photos online. However, since the photos are huge, you'll end up having to wait a few minutes before you can enjoy viewing each gallery.

Also, many links pop-up new windows, including when you click on individual images in some cases. Don't be surprised if you wind up working with 3-5 windows at once.

Your membership to will also grant you access to and, which is awesome. However, this can get confusing when you find yourself jumping around between three domains.

Although the videos in general look great, all of them are CBR (constant bit rate) encoded, which results in bigger files. I was surprised to find one 320x240 resolution video encoded at 3000kbps, which is overkill. Also Ron Harris's hand occassionally gets a bit shaky for whatever reason, making the video difficult to watch.

Finally, the photo content can sometimes become slightly repetitive, due to the fact that some sequence of images look almost identical, whereas in a site like Abby Winters, each progression from one image to the next packs a complete surprise.


Albeit Ron Harris have a few hurdles to jump over yet in terms of site design, there's no question that the site offers a large collection of rare, original photos and superb quality videos that will make you look at some of your favorite models in a completely new way, as well as introduce you to many new fresh young faces. With the amount of weekly content updates, Ron Harris Studio is a site well worth checking out.




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